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    Interagency Task Force on Economic Growth & Endangered Species

    The task force provides policy and technical assistance to local and regional governmental entities and communities engaged in economic development activities.

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    Texas Species Research Funding

    The Comptroller's office is tracking many species in Texas that may be subject to action under the ESA. The state must gather data on species under review so it can respond appropriately to proposed listings under the ESA and find the right balance of protecting our natural resources and our state's economy.

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    Proposed delisting of Louisiana black bear

    The Louisiana black bear, which has potential habitat in Texas, may soon be removed from the threatened species list. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service points to an increasing population as reason for delisting the inspiration for the original “Teddy Bear.”

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    On the Map

    See maps showing species federally listed as threatened or endangered and species under federal review for possible listing.

    See our current watch list for details

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    New proposed petitioning rule

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has published a proposed rule to change how petitions can be filed to list endangered and threatened species. If adopted the changes will increase state involvement and require more information from petitioners.


Watch List

Learn more about endangered species issues:


Stay Informed

It's not easy to navigate the channels of information about species that could impact Texas! Learn how we track federal action, making it easier to find and monitor the critical details about these species:


Texas Conservation Plan for the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard

Working with stakeholders including private landowners, royalty owners, the oil and gas and agriculture industries, academia and sate and federal agency representatives, the Comptroller facilitated the development of the Texas Conservation Plan (TCP) for the DSL.


What You Can Do

Every Texan can become involved by providing feedback to federal entities on proposed actions. Texas has shown that endangered species can be protected without stifling economic growth or placing excessive restrictions on private land use. Learn about the resources available to address endangered species in the Step-by-Step Guide for Local Communities.